Friday 19 January 2018

Hot weather to continue into the weekend

Jack Walsh (3) from Dunlaoghaire enioying the good weather at the Fortyfoot, Sandycove, Dublin
Jack Walsh (3) from Dunlaoghaire enioying the good weather at the Fortyfoot, Sandycove, Dublin
Young people enjoying the fine weather at the Fortyfoot, Sandycove, Dublin
Reece,Taylor Chubb and Sean Crowe enjoying the good weather at the Fortyfoot, Sandycove, Dublin
The gorse fire on Howth Hill
Melissa Utini and Gemma Layden from Canada at the Forty Foot in Sandycove

Allison Bray and Louise Hogan

MET Eireann are expecting to issue an orange alert tomorrow as temperatures hit 27C and above.

Hot sunshine and warm temperatures will stretch into next week – but there is a risk of thundery showers hitting the south of the country over the weekend due to the hot humid air.

And Met Eireann say the weekend weather could hit 30c and above.

Today, they have issued a special alert for Iarnrod Eireann as temperatures were expected to reach 26C, a temperature which can affect the tracks.

“It’s going to be good for the weekend,” Met Eireann’s Deirdre Lowe said.

“Temperatures tomorrow are expected to hit 27 degrees, and 28 degrees in the midlands and the west.

“On Saturday and Sunday, it will be very warm, with temperatures ranging from the mid to the high twenties.”

However, there is a risk of thundery showers, with such weather coming from the Bay of Biscay and hitting the southern region of the country.

“There is a risk of thundery skies on Sunday – but we’re not sure if it will happen yet.

“There could be rain and thunder. There were local in some areas of the country during the week but five miles down the road, it could be bone dry.

“It’s very localised and we have to keep an eye on it,” she said.

Today, there is no weather alert in operation.

Tomorrow, Met Eireann will issue a ‘yellow alert’.

The idea behind such an alert is to make people more aware of dehydration and sunburn in such weather.

Temperatures in the south west of England have been hitting 32C.

And the possibility of Ireland hitting temperatures of 30 plus over the next few days has not been ruled out by Met Eireann.

“It’s a possibility – and it cannot be ruled out.

“Our model is predicting very high temperatures but that could change.

“We wouldn’t rule out 30C next week – we think it could hit 29C but there is an easterly breeze now which might make things a little cooler,” she said. 

So far, two local authorities have brought in a hosepipe ban as our water levels continue to fall.

Residents in Galway and South Tipperary have been banned from using hosepipes to conserve dwindling supplies and more local authorities are set to follow suit.

South Tipperary County Council has introduced an emergency hosepipe ban, which will affect tens of thousands of householders and businesses until the middle of next month.

It said it was forced to implement the ban because of severe water shortages and low reservoir levels. It also warned that there will be interruptions in supply for the rest of this week.

"Water is scarcer and the demand has increased by about 30pc," said council spokesman John O'Mahoney. "Our supplies are down about 10 to 15pc."

The surge in use has been sparked by people taking more showers, filling pools and drinking more water, while levels in lakes and streams have fallen due to evaporation.

None of the major urban councils have implemented hosepipe bans to date.

However, a spokesman for Dublin City Council said daily demand has increased and this was eating into its stored supply of treated water. He urged people to conserve water to avoid possible restrictions to supply.

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