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Sunday 16 June 2019

Hopes of Easter egg hunts in snow are melting away - but temperatures are expected to drop

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Alan O'Keeffe

HOPES of one last sleigh ride on a snowy slope have faded as a white Easter no longer seems to be a prospect.

“The weather is getting colder as we go through the week ahead but the threat of snow has definitely receded,” said Met Eireann forecaster John Eagleton.

Referring to hopes of Easter egg hunts in the snow next weekend, he said: “There shouldn’t be any snow but it’s definitely getting colder.

“Temperatures from Thursday up to Easter Monday are expected to be 5C to 8C which would be well below normal.

“There will be frost at night but it will be short-lived grass frost and won’t affect the roads. There could be a bit of sleet or snow on higher ground. It will be colder but not cold enough to cause any alarms.”

He added: “The Easter weekend will have a lot of dry weather with some showers on the east coast over the weekend but it won’t be a wet period.”

In the coming days, it is expected to be generally unsettled with rain on most days.

Met Eireann’s national forecast stated rain developing in western counties tonight will extend eastwards, reaching the east coast by dawn tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a mostly cloudy and wet day with spells of rain extending eastwards over the country. The rain will be heavy at times, especially in the north and west.

Rain will clear eastwards tomorrow night but it will stay cloudy and damp with the night being largely frost-free.

There will be occasional outbreaks of rain on Tuesday with temperatures of 7C to 10C.

Wednesday will be cool and showery with some sunshine and a risk of sleet on hills. Top temperatures will range from 5C to 8C.

Overall, Met Eireann stated it looks set to remain generally unsettled on Thursday and

Friday, with the chance of rain or showers on both days.

There is the risk of the showers turning wintry at times, especially over northern hills.

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