Friday 22 June 2018

Grab your coats - summer is officially over as cold weather hits

Cold weather is set to hit Ireland
Cold weather is set to hit Ireland

Ryan O'Rourke

Summer is officially over and colder temperatures are set to hit Ireland as students return back to school.

This morning, a cold breeze filled the air as temperatures dropped to 15 degrees.

Today will stay dry, with light winds and few scattered showers across the country.

“Tomorrow will warm up a little, with temperatures set to reach around 18 degrees,” a Met Éireann forecaster told

“There will be sun in the morning and showers in the afternoon."

It's good news for those heading to Electric Picnic as the weekend will stay mostly dry.

However make sure to bring your coat as there will be a few scattered showers.

Friday is expected to stay dry with sunny spells. Temperatures will range between 15 to 18 degrees.

Saturday morning is also expected to be dry with sunny spells. Rain will spread across the country from the west, with temperatures set to rise to about 19 degrees.

“People going to electric picnic should expect rain on Saturday night, but it should dry up again coming into Sunday morning,” he said.

Sunday morning the rain will clear away, leaving sunny spell with a few scattered showers. Temperatures are expected to rise to between 17 and 20 degrees.

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