Saturday 23 March 2019

Forecasters predict 'good sunny spells' for the weekend

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Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

It's not a bad outlook for the weekend, with "good sunny spells" on the cards.

Met Éireann have predicted settled weather for the next few days, with forecasters saying top temperatures will reach 15 degrees.

"Our weather for the next few days is settled, with just some patchy rain and drizzle at times," Klara Finkele told RTE Radio One's Morning Ireland

"There will be some frost during a few nights, with temperatures as low as 0-5 degrees tonight.

"Tomorrow will be dry with sunny spells, a bit cloudy in the north and north-west with patchy rain.

"Top temperatures will reach 12-15 degrees."

Sunday is expected to start as dull and cloudy but will have some brighter sunny spells towards the afternoon and evening.

Top temperatures will reach 13 degrees.

And as for the rumour of snow, Met Éireann forecaster Matthew Martin told there is no sign of the white stuff yet.

"This winter, based on the climate, we would expect snow at times, a storm or two, but that's just the natural climate of Ireland," he said.

"We have the 15-day forecast for early October.

"At times it will be cooler than average but really at this time of year we would have no snow."

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