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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Final weekend of Summer 2016 may see temperatures of 20C - but there's a catch

Ice cream donuts. Picture: Instagram
Ice cream donuts. Picture: Instagram

Tomás Heneghan

With showers expected as the weekend approaches, Wednesday’s lucky burst of heat in many parts of the country might have just been a one-off.

Despite the possibility of sunshine through to Saturday, the rain could be returning as August comes to a close over the weekend.

Met Éireann are reporting: “There will be sunshine at times over the next few days. It may not be brilliantly sunny. There’s a reasonable amount of dry weather.

“Where it was good yesterday, it won’t be as good going forward. Having said that, it’s still dry for a lot of places. A fair amount of bright weather and sunny at times too.”

For Thursday it’s expected to be “relatively mild” with temperatures ranging from the high teens to slightly above 20C.

Warning of possible rain, Met Éireann explained: “There’s fog this morning in places but some heavy showers will effect the western half of the country during daylight hours and some of them will probably get across to more eastern areas this evening or early tonight.

“It’s not a completely dry picture overall. There are some heavy showers in places today.”

Temperatures are then expected to drop to about 20C tomorrow, at best, according to Met Éireann.

They explained: “It will be reasonably mild but then again it is late August so we would be expecting those kind of temperatures.

“Perhaps not too many showers tomorrow, just the odd one.”

The weather may take a turn at the weekend with showers coming in over the country.

Met Éireann explained: “Saturday, it’s a bit more uncertain exactly what’s going to happen but there’s probably going to be some showers.

“There’s a threat of some heavy, thundery ones but with a bit of luck they’ll go in over Britain and Wales and the south of England, rather than here.

“It’s not absolutely certain the exact track they’re going to take but some showery activity over us on Saturday and probably some scattered showers over us Sunday too.”

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