Thursday 14 December 2017

Enjoy the rest of the heat - there is dull and damp weather on the way

Met Éireann predict improved conditions this week. Photo: Getty
Met Éireann predict improved conditions this week. Photo: Getty
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

It will be another sunny day today but Met Éireann has warned that heavy rain is on the way.

“For many places it’s going to be another warm and humid day although temperatures won’t hit the highs of yesterday. Temperatures are expected to reach 20 to 22 degrees,” said Met Éireann forecaster John Eagleton.

Keep an umbrella close as there will be occasional downpours across the country.

“Along the south and west coast it will stay dull and damp with lower temperatures. Some light drizzle and rain will appear but it will be clear in most places,” said John.

Tonight it will be dry in many places with a close humid night with temperatures of 15 to16 degrees.

John warned that the heat isn’t here to stay as the weather outlook for the end of the week is cloudy with rain.

“Temperatures will be lower tomorrow at 20 degrees. Cloud will be increasing and more general rain will be gathering in the west, pushing eastwards.

“There will be high winds on Thursday and the gust could be severe across Connacht and Ulster.”

John said it will be “less windy” on Friday but heavy rain will spread eastwards throughout the day.

“Saturday will be relatively dry but Sunday will be wet.”

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