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'Don't go near a tree or play golf' - Met Éireann issues weather warning for 'dangerous' lightning

Status Yellow thunder warning in place for Leinster for most of today


Baltimore, Ireland struck by lighting. Taken by Pierce Higgins

Baltimore, Ireland struck by lighting. Taken by Pierce Higgins

Baltimore, Ireland struck by lighting. Taken by Pierce Higgins

Met Éireann have issued a yellow weather warning for thunder as they forewarn of "dangerous" lightning strikes.

Thunderstorms with hail expected are again today, mainly in parts of east Munster and Leinster, giving severe downpours in places with some surface flooding.

A Status Yellow thunder warning is in place for all of Leinster, as well as Tipperary and Waterford. The warning is currently in place until 9pm today.

Meteorologist Deirdre Lowe said that the lightning that will come with this storm could be very dangerous and could potentially be fatal if a person is struck.

"It is dangerous," she told Independent.ie.

"So take precautions. You wouldn't go playing golf where the warning signs. Don't, kind of, go near a tree. If you're in an open space, you don't want to be the only thing that's standing there because that attracts the lightning.

"So you take precautions. There has actually been quite a lot of lightning. So there's been power outages over the country and that could occur today as well. So, there definitely is a risk with lightning."

According to Ms Lowe, the thunder will begin to subside tomorrow, but conditions will remain unsettled and rain will prevail into next week.

"The focus is on the thunder through today which has shifted eastwards from yesterday. There will be lightning strikes today in parts of east Munster and Leinster," she said.

"It's hard to predict exactly where the showers going to pop up this afternoon or the evening but there will be some local downpours. We may also be issuing some rainfall warnings from top of that.

"It is going to stay unsettled for the rest of the week and over the weekend as well. We're going to see the low that's producing the heavy showers at the moment move into Britain but we're still going to feed bands of showers in eastern parts of Ireland on Thursday and probably even extending westwards on Friday.

"Then we're getting an Atlantic regime setting in for the weekend and early days of next week and that will bring breezy conditions and some more rain and unsettled weather with temperatures back to normal."

In light of the possibility of localised flooding, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) have issued a warning to motorists to avoid driving on roads liable to flooding.

Speaking for the RSA, Teresa Mannion said: "After heavy rain, it can take some time for water to drain away.

"Try to avoid crossing a road covered in water. If the road ahead is flooded choose another route. Flooded roads that appear shallow may be deeper than you think.

"If the road is partially flooded, then divers should only pass through one at a time keeping to the part of the road that's visible. After going through water, drive slowly with your foot on and off the brake pedal a few times for a short distance as this helps to dry the brakes.

"If a road is flooded as a result of a river bursting its banks, the current could be strong enough to sweep away your vehicle. It is easy to underestimate the power of fast-moving water. Don't get caught out when severe weather strikes."

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