Thursday 22 March 2018

Cool 'autumnal' temperatures set to give way to that 'summer feeling'

Temperatures set to hit 20 degrees next week

Wind surfing in the wind and sun at Dublin's Sandymount Pic Frank Mc Grath
Wind surfing in the wind and sun at Dublin's Sandymount Pic Frank Mc Grath
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

The recent cool morning temperatures that have us reaching for our jackets are not a sign of the summer’s end.

In fact, this week’s ‘fresh’ temperatures are set to give way to much milder, humid weather next week.

Temperatures of between 16-20 degrees, a fraction above an August average, will bring back a sense of the ‘summer feeling’, according to Met Eireann forecaster Siobhan Ryan.

“There is a very ‘fresh’ feeling at the moment, average temperatures are about two degrees below average,” Siobhan Ryan told

“It does feel quite autumnal. Usually at this time of year we are used to much milder temperatures.

“Instead of the usual south-westerly breeze, we are dealing with low pressure above Scandinavia which means we have a few gusty winds dragging down cooler temperatures towards Ireland,” she added.

Keep the jacket on until the weekend as the country can expect a few more cool starts this week, with night temperatures dropping as low as six degrees.

“The upshot of this though, is we will return to a more ‘summer feeling’ next week,” Siobhan said.

“We can expect milder weather and temperatures along the lines of 16-20 degrees, a fraction above the average for this time of year,” she continued.

“The weather will be changeable but it will be more humid and we will have warmer temperatures too.”

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