Wednesday 26 June 2019

Cold snap to worsen as country is set for freezing conditions and snow

  • Current cold snap is expected to continue and worsen into next week
  • Country is set for freezing conditions and snow on high ground
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Mícheál Ó Scannáil

The current cold snap is expected to continue and worsen into next week as the country is set for freezing conditions and snow.

The mercury will remain above the threshold of freezing point during the day today, although Sunday walkers won’t get better than 8C as a cold spell moves in during the night.

Mist and fog are likely to develop tonight and Jean Byrne, a meteorologist for Met Éireann, said that there is a risk of icy patches and frost with temperatures likely to plummet to -3C.

"The rest of today will be mostly dry," she told

"Patchy rain and drizzle will clear and some breaks will develop in the clouds. Today will remain quite cold. Maximum temperatures will be 5C to 8C with moderate north to north westerly winds.

"Tonight will be a dry night with variable cloud, cold though with frost, -3C to 2C. There is a risk of icy patches and light winds."

Temperatures will remain low into Monday and the rising sun will bring with it temperatures only of 4C to 8C.

As the day begins to become colder again in the evening, there will be a risk of snow in high areas. The temperature will drop below freezing again on Monday, expected to be between a bitter -2C and 2C.

"Tomorrow will start off mostly dry but wet and windy weather will get in from the west coast during the morning," Mrs Byrne continued.

"This will extend across the country through the afternoon and early evening with strong southerly winds, gales at seas and the possibility of sleet or hill snow in parts of the North or North West with temperatures from 4C to 8C.

"Behind that rain it will turn much colder. It will be a very cold night tomorrow night with scattered wintery showers, loads of hail and rain and a risk of thunder. There could be some sleet and snow showers especially over high ground."

Tuesday and Wednesday are set to be the coldest days of the week with temperatures expected to peak at 3C to 7C.

Wintry showers could bring more snow in some areas and fresh to strong gusts will add a wind chill factor making the days seem even colder. And night time temperatures will be similar to that of Sunday and Monday.

"Tuesday will be a very cold day with a mix of bright or sunny spells but scattered showers, again rain, hail, some sleet and a risk of a snow but probably mostly over high ground during the day. Temperatures will be only about 3C to 5C and it will be frosty again on Tuesday night.

"Wednesday, it will be mostly dry with a few wintery showers. It will be cold and a bit cloudier along the West and South-West coast with frost in many areas on Wednesday night."

Early estimations are that the freezing temperature will begin to cease after Wednesday, but several weather patterns mean that the weather is still meteorologically uncertain, the forecaster explained.

Milder but wet conditions are expected for the end of the week and weekend.

"There is a lot of uncertainty from Wednesday onwards," Ms Byrne added.

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