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Sunday 26 January 2020

Britain set for twisters as April showers ‘rain’ supreme in Ireland

Brian O'Reilly

AFTER a record shattering March, average April weather has returned to Ireland to dampen our spirits as we experience a batch of April showers – however spare a thought for parts of Britain which may experience tornadoes.

The weekend looks set to begin with a bang, as the country will experience thundery downpours tomorrow, according to Met Eireann.

However the rest of the weekend looks set to be calmer, with only scattered showers around the country. Temperatures will be particularly cool for this time of year, with highs of just 11 degrees.

Freezing temperatures will return overnight, with a chilly -2 degrees set to hit some parts of the country.

School children’s first day back after the Easter holidays on Monday morning will be particularly difficult, as heavy rain spreads from the Atlantic.

Britain’s spell of erratic weather will continue - while some areas of the country will remain in drought, others will experience heavy thundery down pours.

The clash of hot and cold air may become so extreme in some places that it may form ‘funnel clouds’ which turn into tornadoes if they touch the ground. Several years ago tornadoes in Birmingham sent bins flying, injuring 19 people.

Although rainfall levels in Britain are already above average for April, 55mm instead of 50mm, this is set to nearly double by Sunday, bringing the total to 100mm.

However a more sustained period of rainfall is needed to alleviate the drought, with around 400mm required, according to De Ben Lloyd-Hughes of the University of Reading.

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