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500ft tornado adds twist to Donegal commuters' journeys

People in Donegal may be forgiven for thinking they were in Kansas when a 500ft tornado was spotted in a remote area there yesterday.

The twister was spotted near Fintown.

Jason McGibney, a wind-farm technician from Letterkenny, was driving to work in Glenties with his colleague Brendan Blake when they saw the twister and Mr Blake captured it on his mobile phone camera.

"It was amazing to see it. It lasted for about 15 minutes and moved slowly across the ground," said Mr McGibney. "It must have been at least 500ft tall and it was an awesome sight.

"It touched the ground at one stage and caused a bit of damage but thankfully it wasn't near any houses.

"There was one in the same place around the same time last year but that only lasted a matter of seconds. This one was spectacular."

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