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Watch: Skiers rescued from cable cars in Italy as storms wreak havoc

Up to 200 skiers stranded in cable cars in the Italian Dolomites are lifted to safety after 80mph winds caused a tree to fall on a cable line.

A dramatic helicopter rescue has taken place in the Italian Dolomites as 200 skiers were winched to safety after 80mph (130kmh) winds blew a tree onto a cable car line.

The Ciampinoi cable car in Val Gardena was halted after a tree fell on the line, cutting the power supply and stranding holidaymakers in around 20 cabins.

Amid fears the cable would snap under the weight of the tree, local mountain rescue and firefighters were lowered onto cabins to evacuate skiers. Nobody was injured in the rescue.

The French ski resort of La Tania tweeted its support to the Italian mountain rescue team: "Safe gondola evacuation in Italy. That's why our rescue teams practice this..."

Stormy weather across Northern Italy has claimed two lives, with a woman crushed by a falling tree in Urbino in the Emilia Romagna region and a man died in a car accident near Lucca in Tuscany.