Monday 16 September 2019

WATCH: Lucky escape - The moment a pilot makes emergency landing after front landing gear malfunction in Kazakhstan

Meadhbh McGrath

Kazakh pilots on a plane carrying 116 passengers made a miraculous emergency landing after noticing a malfunction in the aircraft’s front landing gear yesterday morning.

Once they realised the malfunction, the pilots were forced to land the plane without the use of its front wheels.In the dramatic footage, the plane’s front landing gear fails to extend, and the pilots must make an impressive ‘belly landing’ using the underside of the plane.Upon learning of the plane’s mechanical problems, the crew at Astana International Airport spread a layer of foam on the runway to minimise friction and avoid fires.The foam path eases the plane’s landing, resulting in reduced damage to the plane.The passenger jet slides along the runway with minimal sparks and smoke before safely arriving at a stop.

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