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WATCH: Last remaining member of indigenous Amazon tribe caught on camera

Footage has been released of an indigenous man who has been living alone in the Amazon for over 22 years.

Footage of the sole remaining member of an indigenous Amazon tribe has been released by the government of Brazil.

The man in the video which is recorded from a distance is seen hacking at a tree and is believed to be the only living member of a tribe that was once believed to number in the thousands.

“We don’t know anything about him and he has made it clear he does not want to be contacted by firing arrows at people,” said Fiona Watson, Research and Advocacy Director with Survival International who advocate for the protection of indigenous tribal regions.

“He lives in the region of Rondonia in the western part of the Amazon Rainforest. There are towns just one or two hours’ drive away from where he is,” she said.

“We don’t know what tribe he is from but safe to say that he is part of a tribe living in that region for hundreds if not thousands of years.”

Ms Watson previously spent two years living alongside the neighbouring Akuntsu tribe who have been in contact with the civilised world for decades now. The Akuntsu tribe has seen numbers collapse and just four members remain.

The shrinking landscape of the rainforest is believed to be the main reason as cattle ranchers aggressively took over the land for farming in the eighties.

“In the case of loan man there is an oasis of green patch of rainforest completely surrounding by cattle ranches so the forest has all been destroyed.”

As a result, when the man who was captured in the video eventually dies, he will take with him indigenous knowledge that can never be recovered, according to Ms Watson.

“Everything that it means to be in his tribe, the language knowledge and amazing botanical and zoological knowledge and even medicine is going as well.

The Brazilian government has now put protections in place for indigenous tribes in order to prevent numbers falling further and it was through a monitoring mission that this footage was captured. 

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