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VIDEO - Shocking: Man kicks dog after scuffle before bystander tackles him to the ground

Dog owners were left horrified at a local park after a brawl between two pets ended with a man kicking one of the pooches.

The incident occurred over the weekend at Duboce Park in San Francisco where a number of people were bringing their pets out for their daily walk.

Footage taken at the scene appears to show a fight between one woman's black Labrador and a man's Basset Hound.

Mini scuffles between dogs are a regular occurrence - but this owner seemed to take particular exception to it.

According to Nine News, the unidentified man then showed his anger to the Labrador's owner after he discovered who she was.

In the video clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, a crowd has gathered and people can be heard telling the Hound's owner to calm down.

When the woman attempted to leave the scene with her dog on a leash, the man runs toward them and kicks the dog.

As the crowd loudly object to the assault, and attempt to intervene, the man picks up his own dog and appears to walk away.

Witnesses reported the matter to police and an investigation is understood to be ongoing.

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