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VIDEO: Roof collapses onto pavement and barely misses pedestrian on London high street

Pedestrian narrowly avoids rubble from collapsing building on London high street.

Alexandra Hamit was working across from a café on a high street in London yesterday, when she heard a strange sound.

"I heard a sort of rumbling noise and looked over just in time to see the bricks impacting the pavement," Alexandra said.

CCTV footage shows the roof of a café collapsing onto the pavement, just seconds after a pedestrian walks by.

"I'm very shocked. The buildings are Victorian and they are very, very sturdy and you'd never expect something like that to happen."

The incident happened during a period of strong winds in Britain, and similar occurrences happened elsewhere in the area.

"There was another incident on Neville road, which is a couple of roads down from the café, and the roof was also blown off and it squashed a car on the street, so obviously there was just a lot going on with the weather yesterday," Alexandra said.

"I'm very, very relieved that nobody was hurt, and that it was a Sunday so most businesses were closed – the café itself was closed so there were not many pedestrians on the road at the time."





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