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VIDEO: Hypnotic animation shows 200 years of US immigration in 1 minute

A mesmerising video online showing America's history of immigration has proven to be a very effective history lesson.

The one-minute long clip shows 200 years of immigration and depicts different countries with colours.

Ireland topped the immigration lists between 1830 and 1860, followed up by Germany and the UK.

However, the Germans overtook the Irish and British in the 1860s as the largest population of any country to be emigrating to the US.

The coloured dots portray the world's history as the Italians topped the immigration list in the early 1900s, before Mexicans began to move to the States in the 1920s.

And the Central American country has remained in the top three nations to migrate to the US since.

A total of 79 million people have emigrated to the US since 1820.

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