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VIDEO: Father sings to three-year-old daughter as they evacuate California fires

Joe Allen captured the terrifying moment he and his three-year-old daughter, Olivia, drove their way out of the California wild fires.

His singing and calm approach helped to keep her as relaxed as possible, as he tells her:

'We're not going to catch fire' and that they'll ' come back when it's more Princess Poppy.'

Whitney Allen, mother of Olivia, spoke to Independent.ie:

'My husband did a wonderful job keeping our daughter calm. I was in the car in front of them with our other daughter and I thought for a few seconds we weren’t going to make it out. It’s a nightmare I’m ready to wake up from.'

The family have evacuated their home in Paradise, California, and Whitney told Independent.ie:

'Our future plans consist of staying together with my parents who also lost everything, and taking it day by day.'

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