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VIDEO: 'Enough is enough' - Police launch zero tolerance campaign

CHP released this dashcam footage showing an impaired driver colliding with a CHP car and officers to show how dangerous DUI driving is.

Posted on their Facebook page, the message was clear;

'Driving under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs is against the law. Effective today and through January 31, the motoring public can expect to see the CHP out in force, looking to apprehend impaired drivers before they injure or kill themselves or other innocent motorists.'

'As a show of force, all available personnel, including command staff, middle managers, supervisors, and officers have committed to proactively patrol all state highways with a zero tolerance approach to drunk and/ or drugged drivers. Through funding support of the Office of Traffic Safety, CHP task forces will “rove" San Francisco Bay Area freeways looking for impaired drivers.'

'In the past 27 days, five CHP officers have been struck by other vehicles while servicing motorists on the freeway. Out of the last five collisions involving CHP vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area, three were DUI related. These DUI related crashes resulted in the fatal injury to CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri and injuries ranging from minor to moderate to three other CHP officers.'

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