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SHOCKING CCTV: Delivery driver is mown down as a thief steals her van

A delivery driver is shown being mown down as a thief steals her van in shocking CCTV footage. The 22-year-old woman was left with a shattered kneecap and broken ankle after being hit in Sunningvale Avenue in Biggin Hill, south east London. She had left the key in the ignition of her van as she made a delivery in the road at around 1.40pm on January 21, and an opportunistic thief jumped into the driver's seat and ran her over as he escaped. The victim has had a series of operations due to her injuries and is still unable to work. Scotland Yard said after it was stolen the white Ford Transit van stopped in Loxwood Close in Orpington, and at 3pm that day was tracked to Waldens Close, also in Orpington, and recovered by police.

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