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Moment Australian farmer leaps joyfully into dam after rain finally arrives

Grant Kneipp is 'flying' with a huge weight lifted off his shoulders, after the 130mls of rain he received on his farm in the Northern Tablelands.

Grant had told his son that he would jump in that dam if he ever saw it full again, and he did.

"He told our son that he would jump in that dam if he ever saw it full again and then had to carry through with it." Grant's wife, Kylie, said.

"We were either buying water in or pumping from the one small spring on the property that was running – the spring could not keep up demand and all the paddocks that needed water. In the week before Christmas, while Grant was fighting a fire on our property, we had a pipe burst and we lost a full tank of water that we had only purchased and taken delivery of the day before.

"We were lucky in comparison to many affected by the fires in Aus. As we are a stud we had already reduced the herd by about a third.

"The rain definitely does lighten the workload and our stock will once again have clean water. Its also going to lift our spirits just by having some green to look at again instead of the constant dust blowing in our faces whilst feeding the cattle."

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