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Kamala Harris says Supreme Court ruling on abortion is 'outrageous'

US Vice President Kamala Harris said the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs Wade was "outrageous". She described the ruling as the first time in US history that a recognised constitutional right had been taken away from American women. "What essentially has happened is the statement has been made that the government has a right to come in your home and tell you as a woman... what you should do with your body," she said. The landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade case had legalised abortion nationwide. Ms Harris said the ruling caused concern for other constitutional rights enshrined in law, like access to contraception, and same-sex marriage, and she urged people to keep up the fight to protect essential rights. She made the comments during a conversation with actress Keke Palmer at the 28th Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans.

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