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Boris Johnson stars in bizarre 'Love Actually' themed campaign video

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have launched pop culture-inspired campaign videos in the final days of the UK General Election campaign.

In a video posted by Mr Johnson on Monday evening, the UK Prime Minister emulated a scene from Love Actually as he approached an apathetic voter with a series of placards on her doorstep.

Referencing a famous moment from the 2003 Christmas-themed romantic drama, the "Vote Conservative Actually" video showed him silently showing a woman a series of Brexit-themed messages after pretending to be a group of carol singers.

Mr Corbyn posted his own video on Monday evening.

In a video entitled "Mean Tweets with Jeremy Corbyn", the Labour leader read out critical tweets about him in a format popularised by US late-night chat host Jimmy Kimmel.

In the Conservative's three-minute video, which recreated a scene originally featuring Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley, two of the placards read: "With any luck, by next year we'll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn't block it again)."

Other placards said: "Your vote has never been more important, the other guy could win, so you have a choice to make between a working majority or another gridlocked hung parliament."

"Enough, let's get this done," Mr Johnson said at the end of the spoof clip, directly referencing the original clip once more while walking away from the woman's house.

Mr Johnson's video comes after Labour candidate for Tooting Rosena Allin-Khan posted her own campaign video "Election Actually" on November 22.

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