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Why Pride 2021 is more important as ever

Domhnaill Harkin, steering committee member of Shout Out (an organisation delivering LGBTQ+ Educational Programmes in schools, workplaces and with service providers), told Independent.ie that recent homophobic acts of vandalism in Ireland show discriminative attitudes coming to the surface.

"Progression can become regression very quickly," Domnhaill told Independent.ie.

"Look at Hungary at the moment, they only brought out some really anti-LGBTQ+ legislation only a few weeks ago."

Domhnaill highlighted education in schools as the biggest challenge for the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland.

"Going forward now we really need to address this issue of the Relationships and Sexual Education Curriculum being provided by Catholic bodies.

"The Vatican only reaffirmed recently why they can't bless same-sex unions, 'because God can't bless sin.'

"If anyone is struggling with sexuality and is hearing this from their community or their church, that is really going to damage them and make them not accept themselves, and lead to feelings of hate and self-loathing. And I know that from my own experience."

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