WATCH: Sony’s new 61-megapixel ‘monster’ A7R IV camera - Hands-on Review

Adrian Weckler

Sony’s new “monster megapixel” camera has arrived on Irish shores. The A7R IV has a whopping 61 megapixels, the most of any ‘full frame’ professional camera. Sony says that it is a viable alternative to specialist medium format cameras being used by product and portrait photographers.

The A7R IV, which costs €4,000, includes in body stabilisation which Sony claims is worth 5.5 stops of light.

Its new backlight sensor also allows for 15 stops of dynamic range, which Sony claims makes up for the risk of degraded performance in low light that usually comes with higher megapixel counts in cameras.

And the A7R IV’s ‘pixel shift’ technology allows for single shots of up to 240 megapixels, aimed at landscape and architectural photographers.

Sony is aiming the camera at professional photographers and videographers, although a Sony representative said that most customers for its high end cameras are hobbyists and enthusiasts.

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