Thursday 19 April 2018

WATCH: Introducing the 'selfie bench' Newsdesk Newsdesk

Two so-called 'selfie benches' have bemused tourists and locals alike after they were positioned facing away from a popular seaside view in Porthcawl in Wales.

The benches have their backs to the sea, and they face a hotel building and a busy road.

But marketing strategists insisted that the benches were to encourage people to take ‘selfie’ photos on them.

The local council said other seats were available nearby which faced the sea, adding that a local group wanted the seats to face the road.

However, the direction of one of the benches will now be changed.

A spokesman said: "Due to the strength of public opinion, we will be changing the direction of one of the benches towards the sea so that visitors have a choice of which view they would prefer to face."

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