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WATCH: Dogs enjoy watermelon as temperatures soar

With temperatures set to soar this week, Dogs Trust Ireland offer some top tips to help keep your dog cool.

  • Avoid walking your dog in the middle of the day. Early morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler is best and always bring some water with you.
  • Test the footpath with the back of your hand - if you can't hold it there, then it's definitely too hot to walk your dog.
  • If you're leaving your dog at home during the day, close your curtains/blinds to help keep the room temperature down.
  • Try to avoid long car journeys in hot weather.
  • Consider using a car sunblind to provide shade and carry a ready supply of water at all times.
  • Apply pet sun cream to your dog’s easily burned areas. Avoid human sun cream as it can be toxic for dogs, so visit your local pet shop and get one that is made specifically for dogs.
  • If your dog takes a dip in a lake or pool, make sure you rinse him as soon as possible afterwards. Never allow your dog to drink from ponds, unless the water is clear, as algae in the water can produce toxins that can be harmful to dogs.


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