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WATCH: Beachgoers unite to rescue car after high tide sweeps it away

The good weather often brings out the best in people and that definitely was the case at a beach in County Meath yesterday.

While the country took advantage of the rare sun on coasts across the country, a video posted on Facebook showed the kindness of beach goers at Bettystown beach rescuing a car from the incoming tide that is known for coming in fast.

The abandoned Nissan Micra was spotted by sunbathers as it was being carried by the water, but the water definitely didn’t win in this race.

Teenager Andrew McQuilan broke the car windows to release the handbrake while nearly two dozen volunteers pushed the car, with it being physically carried at one stage to change its direction.

The video of this heroic act was posted to Facebook by Martha Kelly after her husband shot it, with the caption:

“When someone decides to leave the car and go off for a walk and the tide comes in. Fair play to all that saved the car."

Martha said she was just thrilled to see people come together like they did.

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