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Video of horses loose in Limerick City raises animal welfare concerns

Limerick Animal Welfare posted a video of three horses loose on a main road near Thomand Park in Limerick City last night.

The video shows three horses without owners. Cars are forced to stop and slow down to avoid colliding with the animals.

Chairperson of Limerick Animal Welfare Marion Fitzgibbon said that the video is only the "tip of the iceberg".

"There are horses loose all over the city, but they're not noticed." Marion told Independent.ie.

Although horses are required to be microchipped by law, very few abandoned horses found by Limerick Animal Welfare have had microchips, Marion said.

"A lack of enforcement of this law has resulted in many owners not taking responsibility of their horses, resulting in the animals wandering loose during frosty weather."

The problem has likely been exasperated due to the cancellation of horse fairs during the Covid-19 pandemic, as horses that would have been sold are instead left in poor conditions.

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