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VIDEO: 'How many offences can you spot?'

Gardaí are warning pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to obey the rules of the road when crossing over Luas tracks.

The safety warning comes ahead of the launch of the Luas Cross City on December 9.

To highlight the issue, a video posted on the An Garda Siochána Facebook page shows a number of people dangerously crossing over the tracks.

"How many offences can you spot on one return journey from Broombridge to Stephens Green?" the post says.

A number of people can be seen walking in front of a Luas in the video, while one driver dangerously cut across an oncoming Luas.

Gardai are urging pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to:

  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks to check for trams
  • Use pedestrian crossings and wait for the green man to cross
  • Watch and listen out for trams when sharing the roadways with trams and when crossing Luas tracks at junctions
  • Cycle across tracks at an angles and cycle between tracks to avoid getting stuck
  • Wait for green light and yield or stop at junctions before cycling across the Luas tracks
  • Wait for a green lights top at stop signs and yield at yield signs before driving across the Luas tracks
  • Always allow traffic in front of your vehicle to clear the yellow box before entering to keep tramway and/or yellow junction box clear

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