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VIDEO: Chris Martin Appeal - Michael Martin's Full Story

At Christmas 2015 Michael Martin experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when his 19 year old son Chris died of an asthma attack.

Michael was suffering from cancer at the time and was on his way to Knock to pray for his illness to be cured. He got a phone call telling him Chris was having a bad asthma attack. Michael rushed home but it was too late. Chris died before he got there.

Watch Michael share his heartbreaking story in this video.

Tragically, his story is not unique. Every week, an Irish family loses someone to an asthma attack. This does not need to be the case! Through patient education and proper treatment, 90 per cent of asthma deaths can be prevented.

The Asthma Society is fighting to stop asthma deaths. But we need your help.

To donate online, visit www.asthma.ie/donate .

All monies raised through the ‘Chris Martin Appeal’ will go towards the Asthma Society’s education and advocacy work to reduce asthma deaths.

With your help, we can spare other families the nightmare of losing a loved one to asthma.

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