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Video appears to show youths stealing car and joyriding

Video appears to show youths stealing car and joyriding

A shocking TikTok video has been posted online showing teens stealing and joyriding stolen imported cars.

Just a week after the terrifying events in Cherry Orchard in which a Garda car was rammed by youths in a stolen vehicle, new footage shows brazen youngsters breaking into a number of cars and then speeding through housing estates and on motorways.

In one clip – entitled ‘back active’ – an implement is used to break open the car's ignition to get it started.

The car is then seen driving at speed around a housing estate. At one stage the car stops while in the background it appears that other young men are breaking into another car parked in a driveway.

In other footage entitled ‘2 yolks’ more cars can be seen parked on the road while the thieves get out and gesture towards the camera.

Car thieves as young as 13 ‘rallying’ motors around Ballyfermot for TikTok likes Garda in patrol car rammed in Cherry Orchard says it was ‘daunting to see baying mob’ Public Order Unit ready to intervene in Cherry Orchard after garda car rammed in Dublin

The footage then shows what appears to be a van being driven along a motorway with a young man in the back.

Last week’s incident in Cherry Orchard led to a garda who was in the patrol car that was rammed by joyriders describe it as “daunting to see a mob baying for our car to be rammed”.

Two female gardaí were responding to reports of danger last week's incident driving in the Cherry Orchard area of Dublin on Monday evening when their car was twice rammed by a stolen car.

Video footage of the incident showed crowds of onlookers watching two cars race up and down a residential street before the ramming incident took place.

One of the gardaí in the patrol car said in statement, released through the Garda Representative Association (GRA): “I’m alive, that’s the main thing.

"It was so daunting to see a mob baying for our car to be rammed.”

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