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Two-year-old blames coronavirus for everything, including spilled breakfast

Charlie, a two-year-old from Waterford, has taken it upon himself to blame everything on the Covid-19 pandemic; from him hitting his sister, to spilling his breakfast.

In the rare occurrence of a global pandemic, we're all going to blame circumstance for some of our problems. But toddler Charlie has taken that blame to the next level.

The two-year-old's parents sent us in a series of clips of him blaming "coronavirus" for spilling his Weetabix, hitting his sister and for his toy dinosaur "licking" him.

"So this all started at the beginning of the pandemic when we were in lockdown," Charlie's father told Independent.ie.

"Charlie's big sister Emma (9) told him we couldn't go to the beach because of the 'corona virus'.

"We didn't realise it had stuck in his head, until he started blaming everything with the phrase; 'because corona virus'."

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