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Trinity College's resident fox shows off newborn cubs

Trinity College are welcome a new addition to their population - as resident vixen Sam has been spotted with five new cubs.

Fox Sam has become well known around the college’s campus and was also spotted roaming the deserted streets of Dublin during the first lockdown last year.

Due to the lack of scraps as food businesses were largely closed, Sam’s health deteriorated, and she developed mange. Staff at the college then stepped in and left out meat with antibiotics infused so as to rejuvenate her health, which worked a treat.

When Sam was in heat earlier this year, a male fox named Prince showed up at the right time. The pair’s love affair was well documented by staff at the college. And now, Sam is a proud new mother.

In a video captured by a Trinity student, Sam is seen to be closely followed by at least five cubs frolicking on the grounds of the college.

Students who are not on campus are sure to get a surprise when they see a skulk of foxes roaming the college grounds.

For now, college staff have requested that students respect Sam and her cubs’ privacy.

Dr Cillian de Gascun was evidently pleased to see the new additions to the skulk as he commented on Twitter: “I’ll take three please”.

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