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The 2 Johnny's apologise for 'derogatory' and 'sexist' social media post

RTÉ Radio presenters the 2 Johnnies have apologised for what has been described as a “sexist” and “derogatory” social media post promoting their new radio show. The now-deleted video, posted to social media ahead of the pair’s radio show last Monday, contained a number of crude and negative comments about women. While the video did not contain any excerpts from their 2FM show itself - it featured several clips of comments made by the pair on episodes of their popular podcast - it did serve as a promo of sorts for the pair's Monday to Friday slot on the station. In the post, the 2 Johnnies, whose real names are John O'Brien and John McMahon, read and discuss crude slogans on car stickers sent in by listeners to the podcast.

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