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Swiss teacher dresses head-to-toe in pink and decorates home to match

A teacher is so obsessed with pink that she has decorated her entire house in the pretty hue and worn it head-to-toe every day for more than a decade. Yasmin Charlotte, 32, has loved blush and bubblegum tones ever since she was a little girl. Over the years, she has built up a huge collection of pink household items, clothes and accessories, including 100 pairs of shoes, from high heels to Dr Martens boots. Dressing entirely in the Barbie doll shade every day, it has been 13 years since she wore any other colour – save for a funeral two years ago, for which she had to borrow an outfit. And though Yasmin, a teacher of Thun, Switzerland, does not know how much she has spent creating her very own pink paradise, she insists it has been worth every penny.

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