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Swiss police go green in response to gardaí's 'Jerusalema Challenge' video

Video: Fedpol

Swiss police have doffed their police hats to An Garda Síochána’s Jerusalema dance challenge video by flying the tricolour from their Federal Police Headquarters today.

The Federal Police released a video this morning congratulating the Gardaí “for absolutely nailing” the challenge.

Swiss Police had nominated the Gardaí after their own performance, and it was a test the Gardaí passed with flying colours.

In honour of this “brilliant performance”, the Swiss Police declared “we are all Irish in Switzerland today”.

The video shows armed Swiss police transporting a secure briefcase, which is opened to show a tricolour that the officers fly from a Federal Police building window.

The Swiss Police Twitter account thanked the gardaí for creating “moments of pure joy”.

The Irish instalment of the now global sensation has gone viral with over 1.2m views in just two days.

It shows gardaí from across Ireland partaking in the choreographed dance challenge from some of Ireland’s most beautiful and well-known attractions.

Police forces across the globe have taken part in the challenge in an attempt to raise spirits, with the NYPD, Gendarmerie, South African and Indian Police all among the international forces to step up to the Jerusalema Challenge.

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