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WATCH: Bride wows guests by breaking into Irish dance in her wedding dress

We Irish are known to attempt to channel our inner Michael Flatley every so often when the mood takes us.

However usually it's a poor attempt at a hornpipe that simmers to a lull after two rallies, and leaves us wishing we'd given those Irish dancing lessons a chance all those years ago.

Not the case for Irish bride Laoise O'Connor though, who surprised guests at her wedding to fiancé Dean McPhillips by being as light on her feet as Jean Butler when she broke into a beautiful reel on the dancefloor at her wedding at Bellingham Castle.

The bride wowed her guests when she hitched up her wedding dress before floating around the ballroom to Bill Whelan's stunning score from Riverdance - showcasing an innate talent to make her the envy of Irish dance amateurs everywhere!

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