Tuesday 22 October 2019

VIDEO: Kanye West Looks Miserable in Super Bowl Selfie

While the toast of showbiz enjoyed the glamour of the Super Bowl last night, Kanye West seemed a little troubled.

Stars converged on the Super Bowl both on and off the field, with celebrities including Britney Spears and Mark Wahlberg among the spectators and an elaborate half-time show by Katy Perry.

While the nation bopped away to Perry's top tunes and scoffed at her 'Left Shark' backing dancer, Kanye had fallen into a pit of angst.

It appears the star was another innocent victim of 'selfie assault' by two Seattle Seahawkes fans. What would compel these strange football fans to take a picture of such an insular, secretive and artistic character as Mr.West? 

Kanye will be assured to hear that he wasn't the only innocent victim in this mobile tirade. Pop songstress Rihanna was also caught unawares on her way into the stadium. It's almost like they're famous.

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