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VIDEO: All Eyes On Kylie Jenner's Makeup Free Face And Big Bust

Kylie Jenner was not looking her usual glam self when stepping off a flight this weekend. In fact the star appeared to be wearing no make up at all. While most of us are used to seeing fresh faced 17 years olds, spotting this Jenner girl make up free is somewhat of a rarity. Yes this is Kylie Jenner without makeup, although in typical airport fashion she is wearing a nice pair of oversized sunglasses. The reality star isn't ashamed of her bare face posting this inflight pic the same day on her instagram. The star flew into Miami to attend the opening of the "Sugar Factory American Brasserie". Where she caused a stir in a low cut dress. Some have taken to social media to say her chest looks enhanced and the promo girl she was posing with certainly seemed interested.


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