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Stubborn seagull blocks Garda van on busy Dublin road

The viral TikTok clip shows a seagull blocking a Garda van from progressing on a road in the Portobello area.

The TikTok video was filmed in the Portobello area of Dublin in February, but is still doing the rounds on social media, gaining over 600k views.

The clip shows a stubborn seagull standing in the middle of a busy Dublin road, and blocking a Garda van in the process. The video is humorously captioned "Five gardaí called out to deal with suspicious seagull on the canal", as an attempt is made to shove the seagull out of the way.

The moment was recorded by Ben Matuschka, who told Independent.ie: "I was in my apartment in the Portobello area and heard beeping outside. I went to the window and saw the Garda car outside and the seagull not moving, so then started filming".

The seagull refuses to give up, leading to one of the gardaí picking up the bird and dropping it off at the canal.

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