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'Staying rooted in the heart of the city' – Dublin according to yoga teacher Brian Malone

Brian Malone takes part in Independent.ie's video series exploring where Dublin is in its story.

Yoga and breathwork teacher Brian Malone, who is based in the Liberties, highlights a greater awareness of mental health in the city.

"There's a big movement of people appreciating the importance of mental health, people appreciating how difficult life can be and how important it is to not brush over that."

Brian, who has created his own rooftop garden in his home in the liberties, highlights the importance of connecting with your body.

"I think it's essential to managing a life in a city, but really anywhere."

"People have really come to lean on these practices (Yoga and breathwork) to help them get through what has been a difficult period for a lot of people.

"In many ways the Dublin that we live in... You're almost battling the way the city is set up. The city doesn't seem to be set up to actually nurture.

"What I hope is that this awareness of looking after ourselves, in terms of our own mental health, that that begins to translate into something more political."

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