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St. Brigid's Day: President Michael D. Higgins issues message of equality and hope to mark beginning of Spring 2021

President Michael D. Higgins issued a special message to mark Lá Fhéile Bríde / St. Brigid’s Day. In his Message, the President recalled the origins of St. Brigid’s Feast Day, highlighting the influence that St. Brigid has had on Irish society, and noting that her examples as a strong female voice in a male dominated world can inspire us also in present times. The President noted that, as we celebrate the courage and commitment of St. Brigid in her day, we in our day pay tribute to all of those who continue to put their lives at risk as they continue their important work, for the benefit of all of us their fellow citizens. As St. Brigid’s Day traditionally marks the beginning of Spring, the President expressed his hope that this Spring will bring the end of the long “winter of the Covid pandemic.”

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