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WATCH: ‘Someone ring the Russians’ Irish and English fans in good-spirited slagging match

There were lively scenes in O'Sullivans bar beside Moulin Rouge as England and Ireland fans decided to have a good-natured slagging match.

The Irish and English crossed paths tonight in Paris and it was epic.

This video, captured by, shows Irish fans singing "Please don't start a riot" at a group of England fans outside O'Sullivans bar in Montmartre.

The English supporters responded with "You're just an England B team."

The Irish group were also heard chanting "You're only a small part of Scotland" and "Someone call the Russians".

Craig Guthrie (34), from Knocklyon, Co Dublin, said: "At last some proper English fans.

"This was great banter. It was all relaxed and chilled.

"They were proper fans who love football and having the craic. And the beer of course."

His pal Gary Byrne (37), from Co Kildare: "It was absolutely fabulous. This is what football is all about."

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