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WATCH: Our experts dissect Ireland's disappointing demise in Scotland

Former Ireland star Luke Fitzgerald believes Ireland must target a bonus point win over Italy in Rome next week to keep their Six Nations championship hopes alive.

Fitzgerald saw comparisons between today's defeat and the first half capitulation against Argentina in the 2015 Rugby World Cup quarter-final.

He was joined by Irish Independent rugby writers for a special episode of The Left Wing, in conjunction with Aer Lingus, from Murrayfield.

"It did remind me of that first half against Argentina," he said.

"Some of the decision-making, especially when it's a midfield ruck. It's what every team wants to get in phase play. They want to get to the middle of the pitch because then all your big guys in the middle of the pitch have decisions to make.

"If you make the wrong one then you often end up numbers up in attack in those situations and I thought that's what happened.

"I think they'll be really disappointed. Especially the second Hogg try. I probably would have been trying to dummy and and come back in to hit him. I think you have to try and make try and make that last pass at least.

"There will be a couple of things they'll be disappointed with.

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