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WATCH: 'It's my World Cup' - ex-FIFA chief Blatter arrives in Moscow

Ex-Fifa chief Sepp Blatter has said the welcome he has received in Russia has given him the impression it's his World Cup.

Once the head of world football's governing body, Mr Blatter was suspended for six years for making a dishonest payment to ex-Uefa boss Michel Platini.

He accused Fifa of a lack of respect after he was invited to the World Cup by Russian president Vladimir Putin more than a year ago.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, he said: "It was lovely to come here after this good start of the World Cup.

"When I came in yesterday to this hotel Swiss television, they wanted to make a show of me but there was such a lot of people at the entry of the hotel, photographs and journalists and so on so I had the impression that it's my World Cup.



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