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WATCH: 'It was very special' - Philly McMahon speaks about 'Breaking Bad' inspired tribute to father

Philly McMahon spoke to Independent.ie about yesterday's historic All-Ireland victory as Dubs celebrate with fans.

McMahon's father Phil passed away last month after a long battle with stomach cancer. He had been diagnosed with the illness during Dublin's championship run last summer, and lost his battle with the disease in July.

McMahon said Phil was "here in spirit" as Dublin secured yet another All-Ireland triumph, and added that he was grateful his father was able to see him lift the Sam Maguire one last time when Dublin won the title 12 months ago.

McMahon was pictured after the match in tears as he wore a t shirt with a faded image of Walter White from Breaking bad, who his father was likened to in the past.

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