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WATCH - Irish fighter throws headkick at BAMMA weigh-in: 'If I wanted to connect he would be knocked out cold'

The weigh-ins for BAMMA30 took place today ahead of the mixed martial arts event in the 3Arena tomorrow night.

Richard Kiely from Tallaght, Dublin is fighting Daniel Olejniczak in a hotly anticipated welterweight bout.

'I'm the face of BAMMA and you can believe all the hype about me. I'm one of a kind, I hit like a heavyweight and move like a lightweight', Richard Kiely told Independent.ie.

'I don't hate the guy but from the beginning when our fight was announced he has tried to give me verbals, tried to get under my skin. But as you saw at the weigh-in, he always comes out second best.

'If I wanted to connect, my kick he would be knocked out cold and [he would be] unable to fight tomorrow night. I was just letting him know that he can't get away with putting his hands on me. You can see his legs quivering in the clip after I did it. He is scared and he should be'.

"I promise it will be quick, but I can't promise it will be painless. I will knock him out," the Tallaght man added.

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