Tuesday 15 October 2019

WATCH: How to get to Ireland’s Rugby World Cup game against Japan

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

Rugby fans following Ireland’s journey in Japan will have to get to grips with the country’s public transport system - including the famous Shinkansen bullet trains and the notorious Tokyo subway.

Ireland played very close to the capital city last Sunday, but this weekend’s fixture against Japan will likely involve some train journeys for the fans.

Many will ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo before alighting at Kakegawa or Hamamatsu.

Then switch to a local line for Aino Station which is near Ecopa Stadium. Total journey time is approximately two hours - but if you choose  to drive it could take about twice as long!

Fortunately this is a place where the timetables are super organised, the trains are never late or cancelled, and leaves don’t seem to fall on the line.

It is a refreshing change for the Irish commuter but there are plenty of cultural differences to grapple with.

Tokyo subway stations are absolutely gigantic and it can sometimes feel like you’re walking all the way to your destination, as you search for a platform which may be a kilometre away.

The trains can be packed - with the infamous scenes of people being shoved into carriages- but for anyone who has used the subways of New York, Paris or London it’s a simple enough system. The Shinkansen is a totally different beast - extremely fast (up to 320kmph), extremely quiet and almost embarrassingly comfortable.

Irish fans will need to sort out a Japan Raill Pass BEFORE they leave Ireland if they are to get the best value on the bullet train- once you have the pass, the tickets are effectively free on most lines.

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