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WATCH: Five attempts at a free kick - this ref has divided opinion

A game between De Leeuw and RKHBS from the Dutch amateur leagues has battled the internet.

A warning, three yellow cards and then a red - all in the space of a couple of minutes has seen this video labelled as the most chaotic free kick ever seen.

The referee has divided opinion with a number of comments backing his decisions while others can't believe what they're watching.

'Nothing wrong with his refereeing, the players were running down the ball before it was kicked. Its very simple, if you dont know how to play the game, dont play it.'

'How are people saying nothing wrong with the refereeing?'

'Nothing wrong there referee did just correct. Actually 99% other referees would not do the same and that would be reading rules wrong.'

Watch the video yourself and make up your own mind.

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